Scottie Pippen Makes Bold Prediction For Derrick Rose; Chicago Bulls Hope He's Right

By Devin O'Barr
Scottie Pippen tosses a pitch at a Chicago White Sox Game
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

From one Chicago icon to the next: Scottie Pippen is making rather bold statements about how Derrick Rose will fare coming back from a torn ACL.

Rose and the Chicago Bulls caught plenty of flack for the way they handled the entire saga, yet every day marks another day closer to the long-awaited return of the Bulls’ biggest superstar.

Pippen has been in and around the organization that made him famous since his retirement, so his take on Rose’s future is worth noting. In a recent interview Pippen ripped into the Bulls’ fans who scolded Rose for not returning, and in the process Pippen threw out a big prediction for No. 1:

“Derrick is a very determined, hard-working player, so I don’t have any doubt he will be back bigger and better as ever.”

Rose will be 25 years old when the 2013-14 season begins, so the guard definitely is in the prime of his NBA career. However, the gruesome ACL injury has turned many NBA stars into pedestrians — Pippen played 17 years in the NBA which means he knows a thing or two about debilitating injuries.

While I enjoy the glorious No. 33 defending Rose, Pippen’s ringing endorsement of the point guard is likely to bring trouble. When athletes are expected to produce from the get-go, the result usually isn’t good. By not allowing Rose to return with just minimal expectations, Pippen has put Rose in a spot where it’s pretty much MVP or bust.

In all reality, it’s unfair to expect another MVP campaign from Rose, but that doesn’t mean the Bulls won’t be contending for a title in 2013-14.

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