2013 NBA Draft: Orlando Magic Needs To Use Draft To Make Nikola Vucevic Better Player

By John Raffel
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic realize they have a quality player inside with 7-foot, 240-pound Nikola Vucevic, who can only get better under one condition: that his team gets much better.

That’s why the number-one pick for the Magic will be so critical.

Because Cleveland has the top choice, the Magic have to wait and see if their quest for Ben McLemore would be fulfilled. A McLemore and Vucevic guard-to-center combination is one the Magic are excited with, if it happens. Those two players, with Vucevic having only two years of NBA experience, form the nucleus of what the franchise hope will be a return to playoff status.

But what happens if the Cavaliers, who have been lukewarm in their feelings about Nerlens Noel, decide to take McLemore? That’s a possible scenario the Magic are dreading but they have to be prepared for it. Some other team like the Charlotte Bobcats, who would love Noel, might deal for the top spot. If the Magic can’t get McLemore, do they draft Noel? Actually, a Vucevic-Noel combination inside would be outstanding for the Magic.

But someone has to get them the ball. That’s the problem. The Magic need help big-time at the guard spot.

Vucevic averaged 13.1 points and 11.9 rebounds last season and demonstrated the vast potential he has to become an excellent NBA player. But he needs more support. He did play on the worst team in the NBA. The Magic need more players and need Vucevic to get much better if they don’t want to have the league’s worst record again.

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