Chris Paul: Give Me Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers, and I'm In

By Ryan Heckman


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Way to steal the show, Los Angeles. The 2013 NBA Finals are in full swing and feature a battle of heavyweight contenders, yet all the talk for the last 48 hours as been in regards to a blockbuster trade waiting to happen.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics have been discussing a deal to swap a few big name players that would ultimately end with Kevin Garnett heading to L.A., Paul Pierce following and their head coach Doc Rivers right behind him. DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler and – hopefully – Eric Bledsoe would wind up with the Clippers.

There is said to be picks involved, among other added players, but the final details haven’t been worked out yet.

Monday, according to Yahoo! Sports, point guard Chris Paul had said he would likely re-sign with the Clippers if this deal indeed goes through. It was unknown what it would take for Paul to stay in Los Angeles now that he is entering free agency starting in July.

Among all the craziness, there could be one more deal on the way. Rumors have also surfaced that somehow a deal could be worked out between the Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers that would ultimately swap Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin.

You thought the NBA Finals featured plenty of drama? Well, just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of story lines, the Clippers thought they would attempt to grab your attention with quite the doozy of news. Picture this: Paul, Chauncey Billups or Jamal Crawford, Pierce, Garnett and Howard as an NBA starting five.

Scary, right? It may very well just happen. Stay tuned.

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