Golden State Warriors: Don't Wait Until 2014, Trade Andrew Bogut Now

By Ryan Heckman


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After the Golden State Warriors produced one of the best seasons in their franchise’s history last year, this offseason looks as though it could be fairly uneventful. Without much cap room, they probably won’t be able to go after any significant signings. Because of this, they will likely have to let go of backup guard Jarrett Jack and try to fill his shoes with a cheaper veteran.

What would happen, though, if the Warriors attempted to make a deal happen this offseason?

In 2014, center Andrew Bogut is set to become a free agent and so far throughout his career he hasn’t been able to produce consistent output. Having dealt with a handful of injuries and never being able to stay completely healthy, Bogut’s production has gone down and his value to the Warriors has diminished.

Bogut is set to earn $14.2 million in 2013 and if Golden State could somehow manage to get a deal done, they would potentially get some sort of value for him instead of losing him for absolutely nothing next summer.

Whether the Warriors are able to get another expiring contract or two in return that could potentially help for a deeper playoff run with an already elite back court, or possibly a player and a pick, there are possibilities out there for the deal to happen. Golden State would still have options to fill his spot with an un-drafted free agent – which they have already explored – or via another veteran free agent.

This hasn’t been a very common topic, nor has it really been brought up lately, but I believe the Warriors should explore the option. Last season, Bogut only averaged just under six points per game in 24 minutes. Yeah, he gave them almost eight rebounds and 1.7 blocks, but his inconsistent health and lack of offensive production has hurt the team more than helped them.

I would not be shocked if the Warriors decided to explore the possibility of moving Bogut this summer. There are teams out there with a need down low and willing to take a chance on him even if it was just for a year. He presents the potential of a solid defender in the paint and the flexibility of allowing him to leave after this season if he disappoints.

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