Los Angeles Clippers Tell Boston Celtics No Dice on Doc Rivers Deal

By Shannon Brown
Doc RIvers and Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics
Mark L> Baer-USA Today Sports

The reported mega-deal between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics is off.  Talks between the teams have broken down, and it appears that the supposed trade is dead at least for now.  The Celtics and Clippers have been talking since Saturday on a trade involving Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett.  Talks broke down on Sunday, but then picked back up on Monday with new players added to the mix.  The Celtics were looking to get DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers with some first round picks involved as well.  The Clippers were willing to part ways with Jordan but didn’t want to give up Bledsoe.

The two teams went back to work yesterday with the Celtics wanting the Clippers to take back the contracts of either Courtney Lee or Jason Terry this time.  The deal was heading into the final stage, but today the Clippers felt that the Celtics were simply asking for a lot in return and they called it off.

What happens now that the talks have broken down?  Rivers returns to the Celtics, but does he stay in Boston or is he on the trading block still?  Does Garnett, who was willing to waive his no-trade clause, retire now or come back and finish out his contract?  What happens to Lee and Terry?  They came to Boston by the recruitment from Rivers, but how do they listen to their coach who preached loyalty and trust and then was ready to sprint off to L.A.?  The Celtics are now back to square one, but do they reach out to other teams to see if they are interested in a Rivers-Garnett package?

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