Mark Cuban's Unique Free Agent Pitch Has Value for Dallas Mavericks

By Kris Hughes
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is an idiot!

How dare he dismantle a championship-winning team and leave Dallas Mavericks fans to wallow in  mediocrity!

This battle cry has become a whimper over the past few weeks as folks are starting to realize, once again, the Dallas billionaire may just be one step ahead of the pack.

Cuban cleared cap space for this summer in particular in anticipation of a franchise run at several high-profile free agents, who could include any combination of Andre Iguodala, Monta Ellis, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard given all are available on the open market.

To take things a step further, Cuban has suggested the first to commit to the Mavericks will have an essential role in the decisions made to secure the final pieces of the puzzle:

In essence, you get to come in and, it’s you and we have room for two more max free agents (next year).

That’s why when I talked about a two-year plan, that’s the concept there.

So part of our sales pitch is, look, we’re not going to try to fool you and say that you and Dirk (Nowitzki) and Shawn Marion and Vince (Carter) and fill are basically a championship team.

The room for those two “max free agents” could be augmented if Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki follows through on his pledge to take a pay cut for the 2014-2015 season if it creates the cap space available to secure big-time talent to max deals.

You’re telling me Chris Paul wouldn’t want to have what amounts to an Assistant General Manager’s role after the well-documented suggestion that he ran Vinny Del Negro out of the Staples Center on a rail just because their personalities didn’t click?

You don’t think Dwight Howard — and his diva self-importance — would want to have his ego stroked by having this type of pull on the direction of a franchise looking to make one last run.

Yes, and yes are your answers to those two questions.

It’s not to suggest  if one signs with the Mavericks the domino effect will be ignited, but it’s also not out of the realm of possibility. Take a second to pause before you shun Mark Cuban as being crazy.

He’s again proving to be crazy like a fox.

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