Mike Malone Has Everything Going His Way As New Sacramento Kings Coach

By John Raffel
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Malone must be a happy man right now.

The new coach of the Sacramento Kings has everything going his way, and he hasn’t even had a single practice yet. Malone will come into the season without the controversy surrounding the Kings last year when the franchise appeared headed to Seattle. Peace prevails in Sacramento, the fans are happy and everyone is  focusing on winning basketball games.

Malone takes over with a new owner in Vivek Ranadive and a new GM in Pete D’Alessandro, who was hired this week and has NBA executive experience. Everything is in place for a strong team to run this franchise.

What Malone needs to do is carry this enthusiasm over into the NBA draft and throughout the rest of the summer as he tries to put together a roster that can not only challenge for a winning record, bu also be ready to bid for a playoff spot in the NBA West.

That won’t be easy considering how tough the Western Conference is, but the Kings definitely have a chance to be a factor in the conference with new ownership, new administrators and coaches and a new attitude.

It remains to be seen what type of new players Malone will need to keep things going. The Kings realize they need to add more depth to their lineup and Malone is hoping D’Alessandro can supply him with enough quality ballplayers to get the job done. For now it appears DeMarcus Cousins, the best but moodiest player on the team, is on board to be a key contributor.

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