New Orleans Pelicans Lose Good Asset in Tim Connelly

By Michael Terrill
New Orleans Pelicans Lose Good Asset in Tim Connelly
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Pelicans assistant general manager Tim Connelly was hired by the Denver Nuggets to be their new executive vice president of basketball operations. The 36-year-old will take the same job that 2013 NBA Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri held before he became the general manager for the Toronto Raptors. There is no question the Pelicans are losing a good asset with Connelly leaving the team.

“He comes from a great basketball background, possesses an incredibly strong work ethic and is a wonderful person,” Nuggets team president Josh Kroenke said, according to

“His passion and energy for the game of basketball are contagious.”

Connelly played a big role over the past three years for New Orleans in which he brought in several top-notch players. Numerous free agents that have signed with the Pelicans over the past several years came to the organization in large part due to what Connelly did.

Not only is he stellar with the finances of the organization, but he is more known for his outstanding ability to scout players and find potential when no one else sees it. More and more NBA players are coming from overseas, and Connelly is known for finding the talented international players. Not to mention, he has contacts all over Europe that will certainly help Denver in the ensuing years.

New Orleans is confident they can overcome the loss of Connelly, but it could take a while. The organization may not realize how much of an asset he truly was until they see how things work with him at a different organization.

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