Potential Landing Spots For Free Agent Dwight Howard

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Potential Landing Spots For Free Agent Dwight Howard

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Here we go again. Dwight Howard’s free agency is going to be a hot topic in the NBA world for a few weeks to come, and despite his past antics, he is sure to command a lot of attention.

Howard made a lot of enemies with how he treated the Orlando Magic. He forced Stan Van Gundy out of his job, and was a thorn in the side of the Magic fans.

No matter where he ends up going, Howard is the type of player that every team wants when he is at his best. Athletic centers are hard to come by, and he has the ability to be the top one in the league.

Howard will be the highest paid free agent and will need to be accommodated in order to join a squad. The key to his situation is whether or not he wants to play for a contender. The way the league seems to be going, teams can’t afford to give him both. If he wants to be paid like a superstar, his new suitor might find themselves strapped for cash and unable to put adequate pieces around him to contend for a championship immediately.

Some of the biggest news regarding his free agency is that Howard recently added a couple of new teams to his list that he would play for. Howard is wise to include other teams because he will drive up the asking price. The San Antonio Spurs are one of the latest additions, which may seem like an odd fit. If there’s a coach who can get Howard to fall in line and do as they please, Greg Popovich is the guy.

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Houston Rockets

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Howard has been mentioned in the same sentence with the Houston Rockets many times this season. It seems like a good fit to throw him in the mix with James Harden, but it may not work well with all the money and playing time the Rockets owe Omer Asik.

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Atlanta Hawks

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According to Chris Broussard, Howard and Chris Paul have been in contact about the possibility of joining the same team. The Atlanta Hawks are the most capable of landing both of the superstars.

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Dallas Mavericks

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It's no surprise that the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban are interested in landing Howard. They are looking to appease Dirk Nowitzki and make another title run before the perennial All-Star retires.

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Brooklyn Nets

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The Brooklyn Nets would have a lot to do to clear room for Howard, but they are certainly still interested.

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Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors seem like a great fit for Howard. Andrew Bogut did play well as the Warriors center last season, but they can't count on him to log the same amount of minutes Howard would. With the emergence of Stephen Curry and the Warriors in the 2013 playoffs, Howard would be able to contend for a championship immediately.

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San Antonio Spurs

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The San Antonio Spurs recently emerged as a possible landing spot for Howard. While it may seem like a strange fit, the Spurs are going to need to get a new big man sooner or later as Tim Duncan nears the end of his career.

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Los Angeles Lakers

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After all is said and done, Howard could end up re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. He knows that they are willing to do whatever it takes to be a contender, and a long-term deal would assure Howard of plenty of opportunities at a title.