What Would Kevin Garnett Bring to Los Angeles Clippers?

By M. Quann Boyd
Kevin Garnett
Greg M. Cooper USA Today Sports

There has been multiple reports that the Los Angeles Clippers have been in talks with the Boston Celtics in order to obtain the services of the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett. Recently, it’s been suggested that talks between the two NBA franchises have completely broken down. At this time of year, no trade talk, no matter how absurd, are completely dead or even out of the realm of possibility. So, for arguments sake, let’s assume that the Clippers and Celtics worked out a deal and Garnett is shipped of to the Pacific Division champions. In this best-case scenario, what would Garnett bring to the table?

For starters, All-Star point guard (and soon-to-be free agent) Chris Paul would be more inclined to resign with the club during the off-season. With Garnett in the fold, the Clippers would show Paul just how serious they are in reaching and winning the NBA Finals. With a resigned Paul, plus Garnett and power forward Blake Griffin, the Clippers would instantly have a formidable big three that could rival any Western Conference opposition.

The addition of Garnett to the Clippers would result in the team instantly being held more accountable on the court, and specifically on the defensive end. Much like how Garnett aided his Celtics teammates Ray Allen and Paul Pierce become better defenders, the Big Ticket could do the same for Griffin in particular. Another side effect of Garnett joining the Clippers would be that the team would immediately play with a huge clip on their collective shoulders.

Gone would be the days of whispers that Griffin and Company are soft. There wouldn’t be much in the way of pre-game handshakes with rival teams. Plain and simple Garnett’s new Clippers teammates would lead that once the ball is tipped, the only ‘friends’ on the court would be in the red, white and blue of the Clippers jersey.

Now, as far as the other Xs and Os, Garnett’s presence on the offensive end of the court would help spread the floor as CP3 and Garnett would be able to play lots of high/low and pick-and-pop basketball. With Garnett’s ability to consistently knock down 18-foot shots the floor would open up, allowing room for assist first Paul to have more free reign in the paint.

Although at this point, with both franchises saying the potential deal is dead, Garnett to the Clippers is all a pipe dream. However, as Garnett screamed after the Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers, “anything is possible.” Even the Big Ticket becoming a Clipper.


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