2013 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Need To Consider Possible Consequences Of Drafting Trey Burke

By John Raffel
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons may want to think twice before they draft Trey Burke of Michigan, which some experts are predicting is a distinct possibility right now.

For some reason, the Pistons have not fared well in recent years with Michigan recruits. Mateen Cleaves from Michigan State and Greg Kelser from Michigan State are two recent examples. For those experts who consider this a superstitious nonsense, the list goes on of other in-state players either drafted by the Pistons or acquire by them later who have had modest success, at best.

The problem is that if Burke is available and Joe Dumars picked someone else, the Pistons would be headed for a public relations fiasco. Burke is very popular in the Detroit area and his presence on the roster, especially if he has a good rookie season, would sell a few tickets. The Pistons have a lot of tickets to sell, too. It wouldn’t hurt them to do whatever it takes to sell them.

If Burke would come to Detroit, something would have to happen at the guard spot. Brandon Knight, for sure, is staying. The NBA futures of guards Will Bynum, Jose Calderon and Rodney Stuckey in Detroit would be up in the air.

A main concern on Burke is his 6-foot-1 height although he has other physical features that make up for it. His desire to win is something the Pistons new coach Maurice Cheeks will like.

Can a Michigan player find happiness in Detroit? The Pistons might be ready to find out. Their fans are hoping they’ll take a chance.


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