2013 NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings Giving Tim Hardaway Jr. Close Look

By John Raffel
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings will be giving Tim Hardaway Jr. a workout this week and might be giving the Michigan Wolverine standout a close look as they contemplate who will be their picks in next week’s NBA draft.

The word among NBA draft experts is that Hardaway’s stock is increasing and he could even sneak into the first round. The Kings won’t take Hardaway in the first round, maybe later on, and they hope he’s still available when they make their pick. Hardaway has plenty to offer a team and might shine on the league the same way his father did. As a 6-foot-7 shooting guard, Hardaway averaged 34.8 minutes, 14.5 points 4.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game. He shot 43.7 percent from the floor, 37.4 percent in three-pointers and 69.4 percent from the line.

But what the Kings will like about Hardaway when they watch the workout is that he’s a decent passer, gets his shot off the dribble very well and has excellent talent in getting to the basket. His defensive skills are also impressive. It may take a season or two, but Hardaway seems destined to be a good pro player. The Kings might have a good spot for him right away. He should blend in nicely with their other players.

How Hardaway will fit into an NBA roster is what concerns some teams. He doesn’t excel in any particular talents. He plays better with a talented group of players. If the situation is right, the Kings should choose Hardaway. He’ll  given them the additional talent they need to be a playoff contender next season.

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