2013 NBA Free Agency: Philadelphia 76ers Should Not Re-Sign Nick Young

By Ryan Heckman


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 free agency period approaching in the NBA, teams should have a pretty good idea with who they plan on bringing back and which players they are going to let go of. The Philadelphia 76ers have a couple of guys in particular that they have to make a decision on, and one of them should be let go without question.

No, I am not talking about center Andrew Bynum. Even though Bynum failed to play in a game this last season, he may still be worth a look at bringing back. You never know what they will decide to do with the big man. When healthy, Bynum is one of the better centers in all of the league.

Other than Bynum, the 76ers will have to make a decision on shooting guard Nick Young. While Young had showed promise to be a fairly good shooter in the league early on in his career, last season may have proved once and for all he isn’t going to live up to previous expectations.

Shooting just over 41 percent on the year, Young was far from a solid option at the two guard. He averaged 10.6 per game in just about 24 minutes of playing time.

This summer, Philadelphia could find themselves a much better option at the shooting guard spot. Young specifically wasn’t spectacular on the defensive end of the ball. With guys like Andrew Iguodala and Corey Brewer in the open market, they may try to go after somebody with more potential on defense.

Young made $6 million last year. If they were to let him go, that money could be much better invested elsewhere. For the 76ers sake, I hope that ends up being the case.

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