Dallas Mavericks Have Plan to Land Dwight Howard

By Michael Terrill
Dallas Mavericks Have Plan to Land Dwight Howard
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the Dallas Mavericks are going to be actively pursuing a big name during the 2013 NBA free agency. It is also no secret that one of those big names is center Dwight Howard. The 27-year-old has no intentions of re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, while Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is looking to make his team a championship contender once again with one signing.

“We’re going to be everywhere,” Cuban said at the end of May, according to DallasNews.com. “We’re not the only ones hunting for the big free agents. The guys who are really impactful players want to look for the best situation, not only from a financial perspective, but also from a team perspective and a team strategy perspective. Where are things going with the organization? We’ve got a good track record; we’ve got an organization that is well respected. It’s not about who talks to them first.”

Cuban was talking about the chances of Dallas acquiring top free agents Chris Paul and Howard. However, when he made that statement it was all just hopes and dreams. Now, the Mavericks could very well have a plan on how to get Howard.

No one has ever believed that Dallas was going to hold on to their 13th overall pick in this year’s draft. The fact is the 2013 draft class does not have a lot of depth. Even though 13th is a solid spot to make a selection most years, this year it is not very good. There is a good chance none of the top players will drop to them, which means the Mavericks are looking to deal the draft pick. Whether they actually trade the selection prior to the draft or deal the player who they drafted, one thing is for certain, the player who is picked will not be on the roster next season.

The reason for this is because trading the selection will clear up cap space (approximately $1.7 million), which will then be used to offer Howard a maximum contract. Dirk Nowitzki has already stated that he intends on taking a pay cut next year in order for the team to stay competitive in free agency. That means the Mavericks have the potential of building a team that will compete for championships for several years to come.

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