Finally, Miami Heat Forward Chris Bosh Says Something We Can All Agree With

By Paul Seaver
Pool Photo-USA Today Sports

Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals quickly turned into an instant classic, as the Miami Heat erased a ten point deficit in the fourth quarter and eventually claimed victory over the San Antonio Spurs in overtime.

Now we are heading to a Game 7, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday night, and all eyes will be focused on one more NBA match-up for all the marbles and the opportunity to hoist the 2013 championship. The table is set, it’s that simple. While LeBron James shined late and Ray Allen hit the shot heard around the world, a lot of the dirty work was completed by the heavily scrutinized inside threat of Chris Bosh.

Bosh did a lot of the little things, blocking shots and rebounding the basketball well on Tuesday night, and as the Heat turn their focus to Game 7, he has a message for Miami fans.

“For all those fans who left, make sure you don’t come to Game 7,” Bosh said.

Of course he is referring to those individuals who decided to get up and leave the ball game with under 30 seconds remaining and the Heat trialing by five. Video has surfaced of fans attempting to regain admission into the arena after obviously hearing that Miami had come back to force overtime. Of course they were turned away at the door — and rightfully so.

It’s embarrassing for those fans that left, not only because they missed a thrilling ending, but this is Game 6 of the NBA Finals and they only added to the saga and stereotypical feel that has been associated with the Heat and their fans.

Bosh is 100% correct here and I think we can all agree on that.


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