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Los Angeles Clippers Fail To Land Doc Rivers After Danny Ainge Reaches His Senses

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Los Angeles Clippers won’t be getting Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett for what would have been a major piece of trade maneuvering with the Boston Celtics for one reason: Celtics president Danny Ainge wised up.

Ainge decided that if he was going to send one of the best coaches in the NBA to Los Angeles, along with a player who could still play excellent basketball another three years, he wanted the Clippers to ante up. Initial reports indicated that Ainge wasn’t asking for much in return, although perhaps he thought he was. But a pair of first round draft picks from a team that could win the NBA title isn’t that big of a deal. That would amount to a No. 30 pick. DeAndre Jordan is a good player but is not Kevin Garnett.

It was worth a try, however. Had the Clippers been able to put Doc River on the bench and Garnett in the center spot, the Clippers’ edge over the Los Angeles Lakers in fan attention would have increased dramatically.

The Lakers’ front office must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Their franchise would have lost plenty of attention if the Clippers were able to pull off the deal.

For the Clippers, who must now go back to reality, it was worth a try. They almost got away with the NBA robbery of the century. But Danny Ainge proved that he was awake and was giving it all a close look.

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