Miami Heat Continue To Play On The Ledge In 2013 NBA Finals

By Richard Nurse
Big 3
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Security was spilling onto the court, the yellow ropes were lining the sidelines and the NBA championship was being wheeled through the halls of the American Airlines Arena. The gold trophy could have just as well been placed in the hands of the San Antonio Spurs.

“We seen the championship board already out there, the yellow tape. And you know, that’s why you play the game to the final buzzer,” LeBron James said via “And that’s what we did tonight. We gave it everything that we had and more.”

They gave more than I thought they had.

Midway through the third quarter I found myself penning an article about the rebuilding process and how the Miami Heat were starting to come off like the frontrunners that Heat haters proclaimed them to be.

Their confidence was gone. They looked crushed when they noticed that their steamrolling ways wouldn’t sway San Antonio’s runs. They were flustered every time they threw a punch and the Spurs threw one back. James couldn’t even push past a player who looked four months pregnant.

It was the start of the “end of the Big 3 stories.” Then LeBron lost his headband and lost his mind to the point that the Spurs couldn’t stop him until he eventually stopped himself with turnovers.

Miami constantly tiptoed on the edge, the same way they had all season — coasting on offense while easing up on defense. That’s why I started writing about how they started a furious comeback only to fall short, and it’s also why fans were heading for the exits. No Heat lover wanted to watch another Texas team celebrate on their home court.

Then, with 28 seconds left, the Spurs went semi-Nick Anderson from the free throw line (check out the ’95 Finals), and the rest was history. Game 6 was an instant classic, but Miami fans shouldn’t get too happy just yet. This is still the same team that hasn’t been able to put together a win streak since they played in Chicago in late May.

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