Miami Heat Fans Leave Game 6 Early, Miss Out On Thriller

By David Fouty
Miami Heat Fans
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Witness Miami Heat fans in their finest hour.

Heat fans don’t have a leg to stand on after hordes of fans left last night’s Game 6 comeback before the fat lady had sung.  They made themselves look even worse when they acted like caged animals begging to be let back into the stadium after they had left by their own choice.

Fans in other cities have made fun of the Heat franchise for being fair-weather fans and only supporting the team when times are good.  This is the type of thing that spawns such commentary. Nobody likes the fan who gives up on their team early.

Sure, there are always extenuating circumstances where you have to get to the car before everyone else, but Game 6 of the NBA Finals is not one of those occasions. I highly doubt these people had other, more important plans.

Group think convinced some 2,000 people that a four-point lead with 28 seconds remaining was insurmountable. Seriously?

They must have all forgotten that the Heat signed Ray Allen in the offseason.  The only way to describe their actions is a lack of logic.  After paying all that money for a ticket, you would think they might be interested in sticking around to see if the Heat could pull off the comeback.

Instead, Heat fans embarrassed their city and solidified their fair-weather fan status until the rest of America has a reason to believe otherwise.

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