2013 NBA Draft: Charlotte Bobcats Would Prefer Alex Len Over Cody Zeller

By John Raffel
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats have recently been taking a look at two of the top big men in the 2013 NBA Draft in Alex Len and Cody Zeller, and speculation is heating up that the team is warming up to the idea of getting a force in the middle to shore up their defense in the paint.

There’s still talk about improving the perimeter game, but now, if the sentiment is to go with some height in the middle, the talk needs to center on Len vs. Zeller. Which one would the Bobcats take?

Many months ago the answer would have been Zeller, but now it appears that Len has nudged in front of Zeller because of the physical abilities he possesses. He has impressed Charlotte and other teams with his physical stature at 7-1, 225. If he uses it well and gets acclimated to the NBA style of play, Len is going to be an effective force inside for a Bobcat team that has lacked in that aspect of the game miserably in recent seasons.

There’s still some talk about Anthony Bennett coming to the Bobcats with the No. 4 pick. But as  6-8 power forward, Bennett already would have some company on the Charlotte roster, unless there’s some switching around that takes place during the offseason.

The draft talk is getting so complex now that some mock drafts are putting Len at No. 1. He may not go that high, but if the Bobcats like what they see this week and provided that Zeller didn’t put on a better workout for them, Len could very well be No. 4.

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