2013 NBA Finals: Why Should the Orlando Magic Hope For A San Antonio Spurs Win?

By Christian Tamayo
San Antonio Spurs
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Doesn’t the feel of the NBA Finals seem like a battle between Good vs. Evil?

The hype machine of the Miami Heat against those quiet, boring San Antonio Spurs. Two franchises that have taken completely different paths towards the NBA Finals. The Heat put together a dominant team through free agency, with the city of Miami always being an alluring destination for players. San Antonio is the prime example of how important the draft is for the smaller market teams.

Sure, the Spurs has had some misses in drafts over the years, but their roster is still full of their draftees who are key pieces to the team.

The NBA has been moving toward a “super-team” mentality ever since the Boston Celtics brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Once Miami brought in their ‘Big 3,’ teams figured that only another team of stars could beat them. The Spurs have been doing their best to dispel the notion, however.

San Antonio is showing that you don’t need a team full of superstars. You need a team who plays together and has players whom understand their roles and stay within themselves. Tony Parker is a superstar and Tim Duncan is still a very productive player, but they aren’t on the same level as Lebron James and a healthy Dwyane Wade.

Should Miami lose tonight, they may look to offload Chris Bosh and retool their roster to build a more complete team. Being division rivals of Miami, the Orlando Magic could only stand to benefit from Miami breaking up their ‘Big 3.’

The Magic still has a long way to go in their quest to build a championship team, but a San Antonio win only brings further hope to smaller markets that you can take down the Goliaths of the NBA.

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