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5 Moves Boston Celtics Could Make During Free Agency

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5 Moves Boston Cetics Should Make During Free Agency

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The Boston Celtics have been one of the best teams in the NBA for the past handful of years. They’ve enjoyed success with a great coach in Doc Rivers, and with great players like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. In the past week, however, the Celtics have been rumored to make some big changes. Rivers, Pierce and Garnett could be on the verge of moving out west, which would leave the Celtics pretty thin in talent on the current roster, not to mention without a coach.

All is not lost for the Celtics though. There is plenty they can do in the offseason to make sure the team continues to move in the right direction. Boston has become a team long on experience but short on youth in the past few years, and some turnover wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. In fact, Celtics fans should welcome the opportunity to move on from the past and the building of a future. They do have good pieces in Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass, but an infusion of talent and youth would do the Celtics good.

The 2013 NBA free agent class features a number of good players and if the Celtics make the right moves, they could have a number of young talented players and valuable draft picks to build towards a bright future. It would mean saying goodbye to an important part of their team history, but everything must come to an end.

Here are the five moves the Boston Celtics could make in free agency.

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5. Make the trade with the Clippers

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Take DeAndre Jordan and the two first-round draft picks to build for the future. Losing a successful coach and the heart of the team stinks, but they must move forward. It’ll also free up a ton of cap space to sign big-name players.

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4. Trade Rajon Rondo

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He’s coming off of major knee surgery and all reports are that he’s never been the best teammate in the world. He’s got talent, which means he’ll bring back some good value to rebuild the team.

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3. Hire Lionel Hollins

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Hollins was fired for no good reason in Memphis and would make a great fit in Boston. He’s a hard-nosed, tough guy who fits the mold for the city of Boston.

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2. Sign David West

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Hollins likes a physical style of basketball and West fits that bill perfectly. He’s got skill and is a double-double waiting to happen. He’s also a leader and won’t cost too much. A great fit in Boston.

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1. Sign Jeff Teague

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Teague is a really good point guard and can also play the two-guard spot. He’s been a really good player over the past few years for the Atlanta Hawks and he’s just scratching the surface of how good he can be. He's an under-the-radar player capable of being a star and is the opposite of what Rondo is personality-wise.