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5 Reason Why Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers Proposed Trade Not That Exciting

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Losers All Around

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Trade talks between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have nearly stolen the show from the 2013 NBA Finals. While it hasn't completely overshadowed LeBron James, Tim Duncan and others, it has taken much of the attention away during the series' off-days. Granted, a few of the proposed commodities involved in the deal are fascinating, but at the end of the day, it really does not matter.

Fans of both franchises are starting to ramp up their expectations. This is, despite the fact, that any of the proposed trades between the two would result in a slew of new problems. Sure, the names in the deals seem logical in the short-term, but making a player like Chris Paul happy tomorrow will get him to sign in the offseason, but what about three years down the road?

No, I am not trying to sound like a grumpy curmudgeon. It's just that the pieces involved aren't going to make either team that much better. In fact, for Boston, it seems like the deal is specifically being done to create salary-cap space, unload Doc Rivers' contract and buy Danny Ainge more time to make folks believe that he is the greatest thing to happen to the front offices of basketball since Jerry West.

That is why I am here to ruin all your dreams, hopes and thoughts about the possible deal. It's not that I want to rain on your parade, although, your expectations are seriously getting out of whack. Here are five reasons why the proposed deal doesn't do anything other than move some guys around.

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Window Shrinks For Los Angeles Clippers

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Landing Kevin Garnett might seem like an awesome move, but he is also approximately eleventy billion years old. The move might make the Clippers more of an immediate contender for an NBA crown, although, this move also prevents them from being competitive when the Miami Heat either break up or become a team full of senior citizens. Even if Garnett would want to extend his career since he would be in Los Angeles, his career is definitely on the decline. Getting older quicker does nothing but create new problems another year from now. It is the equivalent of plugging a leak in the roof of your house with gum.

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Is Doc Rivers Worth It?

What's Up Doc?
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I like Doc Rivers. I really do. However, when did he become the best coach in the history of the NBA? Before his reputation exceeded his abilities, Rivers coached nearly five years with the Orlando Magic. Why nearly five? Because after missing the playoffs one year, never getting past the first round of the playoffs the other three, Rivers was canned after a 1-11 start in his fifth season.

Boston didn't start all much better. Before the Big 3 arrived, Rivers lost in the first round and then missed the playoffs for two straight seasons. It wasn't until the Big 3 arrived that Rivers finally became recognized as a great coach after winning it all. Well, how great is he really, then? $7 million a year for a guy whose only real success was having three Hall of Fame players on his roster doesn't exactly scream wise investment.

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Rajon Rondo Gets Wasted (Not Literally)

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Say what you want about Rajon Rondo, but the guy is one of the more entertaining guys to watch in the entire league. Despite lacking a solid jumper, Rondo is one of the few players in the NBA who regularly gets triple-doubles, makes highlight plays that actually matter in a game and is a freakish enough athlete that you honestly don't know what to expect out of him each time down the court. With the Big 3 all but gone, a slew of new -- and lesser -- talent coming in and a new coach that may or may not cater the team around Rondo, all things are looking down for Boston's soon-to-be best player. Oh, and he is coming back from an injury.

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A Boston Rebuild Is Zero Fun

Stay Old
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This is similar to the Rondo part; Boston being horrible is bad for the NBA. You might hate the Celtics, however, even you know it is good for the league when they are competitive. Heck, I never had any positive emotional connections to the franchise but would put on their games because, well, it is Boston. I mean, how many of you are going to watch a team that has DeAndre Jordan as a cornerstone.

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Donald Sterling Is Still A Fool

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Even if the Clippers pull off this trade and come out on the better end, it won't really matter. They will still be the Clippers, and the franchise will still be run by the fool who is Donald Sterling. Sure, the pieces around the organization will look, feel and probably function better, but the guy who is overseeing it all is about as competent at his job as I am at delivering babies -- and not only am I not a doctor, but I am horrible at the game Operation.

Bad management is bad management, no matter who the employees are. And as great as you may think Rivers is, his hands may end up being tied by Sterling.

Hooray, trades!