At This Point, Should Boston Celtics Just Back Out of Trade Talks and Gear Up For One More Run?

By Paul Seaver
Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

Over the course of the past week or so, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have gone back and forth in trying to iron out a potential deal to send both Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to the west coast. From one snag to another, the deal has virtually fallen through and on Thursday afternoon, more reports emerged that the deal would even be nixed by the NBA because of its complexity and structure.

Now however, Los Angeles is making it clear that they want to approach Rivers first and then gamble on acquiring Garnett and potentially Paul Pierce later on. That’s the plan.

With that being said however, the Clippers are not willing to give up a first round draft pick or any compensation to bring Rivers to the west coast initially.

Wait, what?

The Clippers want Rivers, but they don’t want to to give up the draft pick or any compensation to do so? This, even though the original deal include two picks and DeAndre Jordan for Rivers and Garnett — makes no sense.Danny Ainge needs to put his foot down even more so and take back the leverage in this “potential deal.”

If Los Angeles doesn’t want to compensate Boston, why are the sides even talking at this point?

Given all of this — at this point — is it time for the Celtics to say enough is enough? Is it time for the Celtics to man up, solve their “internal issues” and move forward? Is Rajon Rondo uncoachable or can him and Rivers work through it? Can Garnett and Pierce move forward and make another run in the city where they earned their only NBA championship ring?

Keep in mind, Rondo tore his ACL this past year and Boston was never considered much of a title contender without him. Go back a year ago however, and you’ll see that this same Celtics squad was just one win away from advancing to the NBA Finals.

What’s one more, right?

Is all this talk worth the rebuilding mode right now? How much is Jordan and two draft picks worth to Boston? Is a “change of scenery” a must for Rivers, or would he be open for a return if it meant the return of both Garnett and Pierce? This is as much on the Celtics organization however, as it would be on Rivers and the personnel.

This has to go one way or another, especially considering the NBA Draft is now under a week away. It’s also not fair to other potential candidates like Brian Shaw or Lionel Hollins, who have seemingly been thrown onto the back burner for a number of rumors.

Something has to give here.


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