DeMarcus Cousins Demanding a Max Contract Extension or Trade From Sacramento Kings

By Paul Seaver
Brett Davis-USA Today Sports

My way or the highway, right?

That’s the feel from DeMarcus Cousins, given his public address demanding either a max contract extension or a trade from the Sacramento Kings. According to reports, Cousins’ agent has informed him not to talk publicly about the Kings’ organization because he is eligible for a max extension this off-season. Both Cousins and his agent are on the same page in regards to their demands from the organization.

Sacramento recently made changes at both the general manager and head coaching positions, so Cousins is either A) looking to get paid and enter this new era for the long term or B) simply move on elsewhere. More than likely however, this is Cousins trying to get paid and assert his authority within the Kings’ organization.

He’s demanded moves before and he’s been the subject of numerous trade discussions. Either way however, Sacramento has not budged.

It will be interesting to see what Sacramento wants to do with Cousins this summer. If they feel like he is the franchise guy, a max contract extension might be the move to make. If not however, maybe the Kings should finally make Cousins more available than they have in the past.

Cousins is young and one of the top up and coming centers in the NBA, so he’d be targeted by numerous NBA organizations if the Kings opt to open up trade talks. With that being said however, his past attitude issues are a major reason for hesitation.

Some only care about the talent aspect of things, so we will see how this develops.


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