Jacque Vaughn Will Be On Hot Seat Next Season For Orlando Magic

By John Raffel
Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Every coach that was fired or not rehired by an NBA team during the offseason has one thing in common: they all had better records than Jacque Vaughn of the Orlando Magic, who kept his job.

Vaughn’s Magic had a 20-62 record, the worst in the NBA in his first season.

But Vaughn still survived, obviously by nature of the Magic’s transition into a perennial playoff team into one that is looking to rebuild into the future.

Vaughn came to the Magic from the San Antonio Spurs with impressive credentials. But he can’t do much with little talent on the floor. The Magic eventually fell prey to not having enough depth and obviously being in a transition where more things need to be done in order for the team to have a chance to regroup and be competitive in the league again.

What does Vaughn have to do to last a whole season for the Magic?

First of all, they have to get off to a decent start to help fans forget about the disastrous second half of the season. If they do get off to a decent start, it wouldn’t hurt for the Magic to keep it going for as long as possible and to avoid horrible losing streaks as the ones sustained last season.

Obviously, 20 wins won’t do it again. Perhaps Vaughn needs at least 25 to 28 wins or more. But the Magic have to show that they’re getting better and heading in the right direction. Vaughn also needs to show that the younger players around, whom the franchise is building its future with, are getting better under his leadership.


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