Jason Kidd's Move to Brooklyn Nets Pure Genius

By Andy Schmidt
Jason Kidd
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When I saw that Jason Kidd was going to be named the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, I really believed that he was insane for wanting to go straight from the court to the head coaching role.

I’ve taken some time to think about it though, and have come to the realization that this is probably one of the brightest ideas that anyone has had in a while.

Kidd just finished a long career that will likely get him into the Hall of Fame. He goes to a team that has a solid point guard in Deron Williams. Everyone knows the backstory about Williams and his tendency to get coaches that he doesn’t like fire. Kidd can now be a teacher to Williams hopefully and make him realize that it isn’t worth complaining about the coach anymore since he has one of his own in charge.

Brooklyn’s record next season will be something to pay very close attention to. If Kidd can prove that players can move straight from the court to the head coaching role in today’s NBA and be successful at it, we will see others. Could Kobe Bryant do something like that when he retires? It is always possible, even if that hasn’t been discussed in the past.

The Nets have found something special here and it should allow them to be a better team next year. It will be up to Kidd to prove his worth as a first-year head coach and take the Nets towards a division title.

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