Los Angeles Clippers Should Focus On Brian Shaw

By John Raffel
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Now that it appears the Los Angeles Clippers have given up on the idea of hiring Doc Rivers as their new coach, Brian Shaw will start to emerge as a frontrunner for the NBA coaching position he so dearly wants.

Shaw has been considered for other jobs, but didn’t make the cut. Teams wanted to move quickly and hire a coach, and Shaw wanted to concentrate on the postseason of his current team, the Indiana Pacers.

The Clippers right now seem to have it down between Shaw and Byron Scott. They will interview Shaw today.

But the Denver Nuggets are also hot on Shaw’s heels. He’s not the only coach they’re considering, but there seems to be plenty of sentiment in the Rocky Mountain state that Shaw is the man.

If the Clippers like Shaw, they’ll have to move on him quickly, while he’s still available.

Shaw would fit in nicely with the Clippers and may even be the preferred choice of Chris Paul, now that Rivers likely is not coming.

It’s time, as far as the Clippers are concerned, to put the coaching situation to rest. The draft is coming up and so is in depth talks with other players on free agency. The Clippers would like to name a coach prior to the draft and get his input. But they’re running out of time and need to act quickly.

Shaw deserves a head coaching spot and the Clippers could probably make the best offer right now.

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