Win Or Lose Tonight, San Antonio Spurs Are the Greatest NBA Franchise of Past Two Decades

By Steven Carollo
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since I was born in 1989, the San Antonio Spurs have missed the playoffs a total of one time.  Since 1999 the franchise has won four NBA championships and tonight play a deciding Game 7 against the Miami Heat, in Miami at 9 P.M. EST on ABC, in which the Spurs will try to capture their fifth NBA title.  Not that anyone would notice, however, since all the talk is about will LeBron James and the Big 3 win their second championship in a row?

But why aren’t these Spurs more in the limelight? If you turn on ESPN for example, you will see almost nonstop coverage of the Heat, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, and occasionally the New York Knicks.

So why are the Spurs constantly being disrespected time and time again, year after year?  In my opinion, and I say this because I have heard people say this in person and saw people post this online, not many people like the Spurs because they play a boring style of basketball.

Yes, it is no longer about winning in the NBA.  Who knew? Instead, NBA fans nowadays cannot appreciate teams that win unless they have players who act as if they are in a skills competition and flaunt their talents in front of the opposing players and the fans.  For instance, fans love when LeBron or Blake Griffin complete an amazing dunk and then stand and pose for five seconds instead of going back on defense.  Also crying after every single call doesn’t go your way and then complaining to the refs seems to earn players in the NBA brownie points.

The old time basketball fans, I have noticed, have either not watched basketball as much as they used to or just stopped watching the NBA altogether because of things like this. But teams like the Spurs are what keeps the old time basketball fandom alive.  Tony Parker and Tim Duncan of the Spurs are two of the most professional NBA players the league has right now but rarely get the credit they deserve because they don’t show off and play an “exciting” style of basketball that many young fans of the NBA now flock too.

In my opinion, I’d rather be boring and win than exciting and lose which is why I’m rooting for the Spurs. And win or lose tonight, hopefully people can finally realize how great of an organization this franchise is and look back years from now on one of the greats this league has ever seen.

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