2013 NBA Finals: Win or Lose, San Antonio Spurs Still Play The Right Way

By Connor Muldowney
San Antonio Spurs
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

While the Miami Heat are one of the best teams the NBA has seen in recent memory, the San Antonio Spurs have been a model franchise since the early 2000s. Despite losing in the 2013 NBA Finals, they have played the game the correct way.

What do I mean by the ‘correct’ way, you ask?

Correctly winning a title is the matter of winning as a team. How many Heat players can say that they felt a part of the ‘team’ that really consisted of three, maybe four players? The Spurs are a solid squad that have gelled together with time. On the other hand, the Heat were placed together with money and a desire to win right away– albeit successfully, twice.

I’m not saying the Heat have won it the ‘wrong way’ because there really is no wrong way to win titles unless cheating is involved. However, if you put Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing and Isiah Thomas all together on the same team in the 1990s, you would have called it ‘bad for the game’ and ‘unfair’.

The Spurs were joined together by fate. Each member of their own ‘big three’ was drafted by the team. Tony Parker has been with the Spurs for 12 seasons, Manu Ginobili for 11 seasons and Tim Duncan for 16 seasons as the longest tenured Spur. It’s safe to say this team had players that were made to be teammates.

They stuck together and won three titles together before making it to the 2013 NBA Finals and contending their fourth before being shut down by the Heat.

San Antonio is the epitome of a model team. They win as a team, they lose as a team, but no matter what, they always stick together. Hats off to San Antonio.

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