Boston Celtics' Decision to Reschedule Presser Leaves Fans in Limbo Once Again Concerning Doc Rivers

By Paul Seaver
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

News emerged on Friday morning that the Boston Celtics were schedule to meet with the media via a press conference that was supposed to include both Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge. After over a week’s worth of speculation, NBA fans were on the verge of finally getting some sort of direct update on the possible trade negotiations between the Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The press conference was then called off a little over an hour before its starting time and rescheduled for Monday.

According to a number of reports, the trade talks are back on now, as the Clippers will simply not go away. What’s baffling however, is the fact that they are bringing Boston back into these discussions now and still being more than stingy in their negotiations.

On Friday morning, one rumor indicated that a potential 2015 first round pick was now in the discussions — another baffling offer from Los Angeles if that’s the case. Why would Boston give up their coach for a draft pick that is two years away? They are trying to rebuild now, not two seasons from now. This assumption would be considering that that report is accurate.

In all, the rescheduled presser only adds to the speculation, especially heading into this weekend. One thing remains clear through all this however, the Clippers need to up their offer and stop being so cheap. As for Boston, they need to figure things out internally. If the Clippers aren’t going to budge, the Celtics need to move forward, especially considering the draft is less than a week away.

Multiple reports have indicated that the heading at this moment is continued trade talks between both teams for just Rivers. Focus on Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce would presumably come later.


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