Michael Jordan Realizes Building Charlotte Bobcats Into NBA Champions Won't Be Easy

By John Raffel
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Charlotte Bobcats chairman Michael Jordan had to remember what it was like to hold the NBA trophy as he watched LeBron James do the same Thursday night. It’s a majestic moment.

But how does a player reach that moment? Jordan knows, but only as a player. He now has to figure out how to do it as a the head of a team.

While the Bobcats seem to be a team that will never win an NBA title, Jordan needs to realize that at one point in the franchise’s history, the Heat were where the Bobcats are now. The same holds true for the Chicago Bulls. It all changed with one player. The Bulls changed it with the drafting of Jordan. The Heat changed it with the acquisition of James.

In both cases, a key supporting cast was necessary.

The Bobcats probably have to go a different route because it’s unlikely they’re going to draft for a Michael Jordan or trade for a LeBron James anytime soon. They’ll have to do it more like the San Antonio Spurs have done in the past or how the Dallas Mavericks did it two years ago: with a collection of outstanding players.

The Bobcats might be able to get there down the road, but it’s going to take some administrative skill on Jordan’s part as team chairman and some luck. The team will also need to fall into the possession of an NBA superstar like Jordan or James, or they need to get the right combination of stars.

Neither scenario happens very often.

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