2013 NBA Draft: Ben McLemore

By Jeremy Hayes
 Ben McLemore in 2013 NBA Draft
Denny Medley – USA TODAY Sports

In all the hype surrounding the somewhat weak draft class in the 2013 NBA Draft, no other prospect has had the consistent stock value like Kansas guard Ben McLemore.

This year’s draft appears to be one where a lot of teams are looking to trade out of the top five of the first round. McLemore is one of the only prospects who is certainly expected to go in the top three of the draft.

McLemore averaged 16 points per game in his freshman year at Kansas. He shot 87 percent at the free throw line and shot 50 percent from the field.

One negative about McLemore is that he may not be as tall as fans believe — and every inch counts in basketball. He is a little smaller than 6-foot-5, and in today’s game, shooting guards tend to be that at a minimum.

Draft Range: picks no. 1-3

It is most likely that the Orlando Magic will take him at the no. 2 spot, or a team will trade up for him.

Draft Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder might want to think of trading some draft picks this year and a veteran guard to go up to the top of the board and take McLemore. If he can become a true starter in the NBA, the Thunder could be looking at a solid starting five going into the 2013-2014 season.

McLemore’s career could get an early kickstart if he can go to a good team, and it is always good to give a young player confidence early in his career.

Overall prospect grade: A

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