2013 NBA Draft: Indiana Pacers Should Look At Lorenzo Brown

By John Raffel
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers have been given many suggestions for who to take with their No. 23 pick in the first round of the NBA draft.

It wouldn’t hurt for one more suggestion. This could be the guy they want.

Lorenzo Brown of North Carolina State is a point guard, who one poll has going at No. 24, which would be one space below where the Pacers are at. They need depth in the lineup next season and Brown might supply enough talent to be the guy.

What scouts like Indiana especially like, is Brown’s size of 6-5 at the guard spot. He might be exactly the type of talent they need off the bench to spark the team’s defense and get the offense going. He averaged 34.2 minutes and was at 12.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, 7.2 assists and 2.0 steals. The fact that he averaged more than seven assists per game has NBA draft experts paying attention.

He also is quick in the open court. The fact that he is very effective in the transition game makes him a very dangerous player for opponents and productive for his team. That’s something that could attract the Pacers when it’s their turn to make a choice in the first round.

One downside to Brown that could make him unattractive to teams with early picks is that he is not considered to have the type of explosiveness preferred by teams for a point guard. But he is expected to go in the first round and the Pacers need to keep an eye on him when it’s their turn to pick.

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