2013 NBA Draft: Orlando Magic Might Go With Victor Oladipo If Ben McLemore Unavailable

By John Raffel
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is less than a week away and the general consensus is that the Cleveland Cavaliers will go with Nerlens Noel at No. 1 and the Orlando Magic with Ben McLemore at No. 2.

But what would the Magic do if the Cavaliers decided to go with McLemore or trade their No. 1 pick for a team that would take McLemore.

This may not happen, but it could. There’s been talk that the Magic would then go with Otto Porter. But the shooting guard listed fourth at some polls, Victor Oladipo, could be in the picture for No. 2. If the Magic are concerned with their strength at the shooting guard spot, then Oladipo should be their man. He would be a different pick than Porter or Noel, but might give the Magic more of what they need as a shooting guard.

His defensive skills have been impressive and that’s an area in which the Magic need to improve tremendously. He may not have McLemore’s shooting skills, but his defense will be better. The more defense the Magic play, the more games they’ll win.

But at guard, the Magic obviously could use some scoring and an excellent ball-handler. Oladipo ranks as No. 2 in that category behind McLemore, but scouts are convinced he needs to improve in both areas to be an excellent player at the next level.

If the Cavaliers pick Noel and the Magic go with McLemore, Oladipo would obviously be open to another team. The scenario that would send him to the Magic isn’t likely…right now. But under certain circumstances, it could happen.

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