2013 NBA Draft: Portland Trail Blazers Like Brandon Paul

By John Raffel
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Paul of Illinois has been coming up on draft lists for the Portland Trail Blazers in the second round in which they will have three picks.

Paul might go anywhere from 40 to 50. But he would be a sound pick if the Trail Blazers do decide to take him.

He’s a 6-4, 200-pound shooting guard from Illinois. Just the fact that he’s a shooting guard makes Paul very valuable for the Trail Blazers who need a couple of those players on their roster. He comes from the Big Ten where the competition was obviously very stiff throughout the season. It’s not a bad conference to prepare players for the NBA.

Paul is regarded to be a pure shooter who creates his own shot. His three-point shooting is solid and his pull up jumper and catch-and-shoot ability is sound.

What Blazers and other scouts like is that he can play either guard spot and rebounds well for the position. They also like his defensive skills and figure he can be among the top defensive players on the team.

The downside is that Paul’s shot selection at times is spotty and he’s not a consistent outside shooter. That’s the last thing the Trail Blazers need in a player right now.

Second rounders are usually a mixed bunch in NBA drafts, but Paul could definitely turn into a solid pro player. The Blazers plan on bringing in four draft picks and others to compete for wide open spots on the team as Portland makes a bid for the playoffs.

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