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Doc Rivers, 5 Reasons He Fits Perfect for Los Angeles Clippers

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Deandre Jordan Posterizes Gasol

BLAKE vs DeanDRE Dunks
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The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers’ front office went to talk again concerning Doc Rivers, the wishful next head coach of Lob City. They even canceled a press conference after. Doc Rivers has about eight million reasons to do what the team from the commonwealth wants him to. Considering that is roughly half of what Deandre Jordan will be making in the next few years, it is important to remember that the Clips have always made a profit by year-end.

Here are the five reasons (and one honorable mention) why Doc Rivers is the perfect fit for them.

Honorable Mention: Doc Rivers is not a fan of the Lakers. Heating up a local rivalry is good. The Clippers have proven that after following one good season with another successful year was not a fluke, and Rivers trip to L.A. would be a great dig at the famous Lakers colors: purple and gold. This is also a great way to strike out childishly against Commissioner David Stern for attempting to block the illegal trade of draft picks and players in exchange for coaches or staff. The Lakers are struggling to stay healthy. The team has aged, and some never found chemistry, which is half joke and half tragedy. That means they probably won’t be the toughest contenders against Lob City next season for the division. This is when Doc Rivers, the Celts and the Clip Show need to all strike while the Iron is scorching hot.

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Doc Needs A Doctor

Someone Help this poor Man!
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5: Chris Paul wants him to coach the team.

It is the most direct and easy to understand part of the deal in consideration to how the game is played. The point guard runs the offense on the floor. The coach runs the offense in practices. If a player of that caliber calls someone out by name, then they’re most likely going to be the next coach of the team.

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Sterling Yawns at Clipper Game

Billy Crystal has more fun.
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4: The Clippers could actually win. (Less difficult to imagine with Doc, at least.)

In all honesty, the Clippers organization has never fostered a culture of elite professionalism or winning attitude of constant self-improvement. Though many of their teams had their rosters gutted by management, or had star players sent away before they could become too expensive to Don Sterling. They have a deep enough team that they had Grant Hill hurt on the bench for the majority of last season.

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Kevin Garnett Needs A Doc

Call me a Doctor, Doctor
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3: Kevin Garnett won’t play for anyone else.

When Deandre leaves, the Clippers are going to need a rebounding and scoring center to play alongside Blake Griffin. KG is a savvy vet who will know what roles to fill with Doc there, and seemingly won’t play at all if he is not. Since L.A. is not that deep a team, nor has it ever been, a player who knows his position and the system already in action by Doc would be a much better selection than any other free agent or trade that could be made.

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Billups Versus The World

Remember Quinten Richardson?
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2: Blake Griffin would not try to join the Lakers.

With the team winning the division last season, making it as far as their landlords at the Staples Center in the postseason, and Garnett making a move to Southern California, Griffin would have a suitable replacement for Jordan. KG probably won’t pull in the same point totals, but he rebounds, and he can play defense. He can even block shots. That is something the Clippers never had with Jordan and Vinny Del Negro.

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Doc Rivers Is Perfect To Coach Clippers

Why won't you just do the play like I showed you?
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5: Doc knows how to instruct The Clips’ diverse and talented types of players.

There is a small contingent of young talent. Management has built a core of guys that have been in the league about 5 years. They drafted and traded for elite ballers even while still in their primes. Unlike Clippers teams of the past that would do things like trade Elton Brand, Lamar Odom or a slew of other young all-star players for the sake of Sterling’s bottom line, Doc will manipulate this group onto the level of his genius. Just with a change of coach, a team coached by Rivers has the proper skill set to at least get the boys to the NBA Finals. That is something yet to be done by the team ever.

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