Phil Jackson's Days As Detroit Pistons Advisor Come To An End

By John Raffel
Jayne Kamin-Oncea – USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Detroit Pistons have hired Maurice Cheeks as head coach, Joe Dumars is safely entrenched as team president and Phil Jackson is no longer a Pistons advisor, NBA observers have gone back to their original question: Why was Jackson brought in to be an advisor?

It would not appear that Cheeks was Jackson’s choice to coach the Pistons; it was Brian Shaw. But rumor has it that Nate McMillan was Dumars’ pick to be coach. It could be that Jackson’s advice tipped the scales away from McMillan and toward a skipper that left Dumars no choice but to compromise. There had been some Pistons fans hoping that maybe the Gores-Jackson connection was going to lure Jackson to the Motor City in some type of major role. That was only a midsummer night’s dream.

The Jackson hiring always appeared to be a way to send a message to Dumars that owner Tom Gores expects more from Dumars and his coaching staff. Anything below 30 wins this next season will not cut it. Dumars and Cheeks are going to have to deliver for Gores to be pleased. It appears now, that for sure, Gores never had more of a longer role planned for Jackson. It was only what Gores said it was: to make a recommendation for a new coach.

There’s not any more of a chance of Jackson coming to the Pistons to be a general manager than there is of Doc Rivers going to the Los Angeles Clippers. Those rumors make good headlines, that’s all.

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