Russell Westbrook Helps Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Successfully Propose via Twitter

By Ryan Heckman


Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is still undergoing rehabilitation on his injured knee, one of his biggest fans — with healthy knees, mind you — needed assistance putting his to use.

Charlie Bright took his now-fiance´Rachel Haycraft to a Thunder game for their very first date. Charlie thought it would only be appropriate for him to incorporate their favorite NBA team into the big question he had prepared.

Charlie decided to reach out to Westbrook in effort to help him propose to Rachel.

“I thought a really cool way to combine the two would be for Russell, or somebody on the team to ask her on Twitter or something to propose,” he said. “So I messaged him on Facebook earlier in the week and just made in bold print the words ‘marriage proposal’ because I’m sure he gets a lot of messages. I wanted it to jump out.

“The first words of the message were something like ‘I know this is a long shot and probably won’t work, but if you’re interested…’ Honestly I didn’t think it was going to work,” Charlie said.

After a couple of days went by, Charlie went ahead and started formulating a different plan as he thought Westbrook wasn’t going to respond. He knew the superstar probably received tons of messages on a daily basis, but as soon as he gave up his original idea Westbrook shot him back a message.

“I think his reply was literally like five words like ‘I’m down, what’s the plan?’” Charlie said.

As soon as Charlie had Rachel in the perfect spot for his plan to succeed, he simply asked her to check her Twitter for a minute. As she looked down, she saw she had a mention that read:

“.@rachelhaycraft, @chuuuuck1 loves u, he wants to know if u would spend the rest of ur life watching Thunder games w/ him. #marryhim #Whynot.”

Sure enough, the tweet was sent straight from Westbrook and Rachel had no choice but to say yes. Immediately afterwards, Rachel tweeted back with a picture of her and Charlie with the ring saying “I said yes!”

It looks like even though Westbrook hasn’t had the easiest of days, he has used his time to help others in any way he can. Westbrook again proved he is one of the more fun-loving and down-to-earth players we have in this league.

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