Utah Jazz Smart to Hire Jerry Sloan

By Michael Terrill
Utah Jazz Smart to Hire Jerry Sloan
Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz have decided to regroup with former head coach Jerry Sloan after their two years apart from each other. The Jazz have hired Sloan to be their new senior basketball adviser. His job will be to lead the organization in regional scouting, and he will also work with current players on the roster during the offseason to get them ready for 2013-14. There is no question this was a smart move by the Jazz because it allows a great basketball mind to be involved with the organization once again.

“In my new role with the Jazz franchise, I hope to help the basketball operations staff and Ty (Tyrone Corbin) in any way that I can to achieve their goals,” Sloan said, according to USA Today Sports. “I would like to thank the Miller family for the opportunity to be part of the organization again.”

The 71-year-old was the head coach of the Jazz for a whopping 23 years in which he led the organization to the postseason an incredible 19 times and two NBA Finals appearances. Unfortunately, Utah was defeated twice by the Chicago Bulls in the finals, ironically the same team Sloan played with and coached for many years.

It is clear the Jazz are trying to get back to their roots from the 1990s in which they had a lot of success. Utah hired former great Karl Malone at the end of May to be a player consultant for the organization. His job will be to help the current big men on the roster improve their game. To have Malone and Sloan both working in the Jazz organization once again has to be a thrill for everyone involved.

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