2013 NBA Draft: Indiana Pacers May Draft Versatile Reggie Bullock

By John Raffel
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The small forward spot is one the Indiana Pacers aren’t exactly hurting all that much at, and that might make it seem likely that when it’s time for them to pick at no. 23 during the 2013 NBA Draft, they won’t take 6-7 Reggie Bullock from North Carolina.

But because the NBA draft is usually unpredictable and is expected to be even more so this year, Bullock might draw some interest from Pacers scouts when they have to settle on a pick.

The Pacers realize their bench needs to improve next season if they are to win the NBA title. Bullock is a talent they can’t ignore, regardless of his position. He can give the team an extra weapon. When it comes to the playoffs, teams don’t have too many weapons.

During his junior season at North Carolina, Bullock averaged 31.4 minutes, 13.9 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 1.3 steals. He shot 48.3 percent from the floor, 43.6 percent from the behind the arc and 76.7 at the free throw line.

Those are pretty good numbers coming from a quality collegiate basketball program. Bullock likely wouldn’t start right away for the Pacers, but could see plenty of playing time from off the bench.

He’s someone they might want to have on their side.

He’s a good ball handler, and NBA draft experts like the fact that he’s versatile and can finish in transition. He had his best season last year and demonstrated that he’s ready for the NBA. His three-point shooting is especially impressive, but scouts worry about the potential of other parts of his game. He still has plenty of work to do now.

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