Orlando Magic Might Be Looking At Deshaun Thomas As Second-Round Pick

By John Raffel
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY Sports

They have the no. 2 and no. 51 picks in the 2013 NBA Draft, at least for now, barring a trade or something else.

If those numbers hold firm, the Orlando Magic will be drafting a pair of players with probably some talent difference, but perhaps not that much.

Obviously, with their no. 2 pick, the Magic will pick up an outstanding prospect. With their no. 51 pick, the Magic can bet they’ll have a player with potential, but not someone guaranteed to have a successful NBA future.

One player who might still be available at no. 51, although the Magic might have to trade up to select him, is Deshaun Thomas of Ohio State. He just finished his junior season, but the Buckeye small forward is starting to gain attention as a prospect who could help any team he plays on win a lot of basketball games. He could eventually be an NBA starter, but for now, he’d be solid coming off the bench.

He would be an incredible talent for the Magic to have on the team. Last year, he averaged 35.4 minutes, 19.8 points, 5.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game. He shot 44.5 percent from the floor and 34.4 percent from three-point line. NBA draft experts say that Thomas is very dangerous when he puts the ball on the floor. His lack of elite athletic ability is what experts say makes him more of a second-round pick. The Magic will keep an eye him, and if they see that his name will be called, a trade might be made in order to get him.

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