2013 NBA Draft: Could Sacramento Kings Be Considering Steven Adams With 7th Overall Pick?

By Paul Seaver
Vincent Pugliese-USA Today Sports

We are just a few days away from the start of the 2013 NBA Draft and the rumors around the NBA have been swirling like crazy.

From numerous trade scenarios to impending free agency, fans may be overlooking the usual NBA Draft rumors themselves. Well, how about this option for the Sacramento Kings — should they consider drafting Steven Adams with the 7th overall pick?

According to NBA.com‘s Scott Howard-Cooper, there is a “mystery”team that has Adams as the 7th best prospect in this year’s draft field. Ironically enough, the organization with the 7th overall pick is set to work out Adams on Monday. That of course is referring to the Kings.

At this point, Sacramento could go in any direction at No. 7, depending on who slips outside the top five or six, if any. However, at first glance the Kings should strongly be considering drafting someone to help bolster their front court. Why? Well, more rumors are swirling around DeMarcus Cousins and his level of acceptance with the organization.

You see, Cousins has always had attitude issues and he most recently came out and said that if he does not receive a max contract extension this off-season, then he will demand a trade. There hasn’t been much ground that has followed suit since, but either way, it’s not a bad idea for the Kings to consider some front court help.

Aside from Adams, Cody Zeller and possibly Anthony Bennett (if he slips) could be options. However, given Adams’ late workout with the Kings, maybe there’s some ground to this rumor. Can Adams impress on Monday and solidify the Kings’ stance on him? Possibly, if they are this “mystery” team.

There shouldn’t be any doubt though, that Adams is a viable option at No. 7.


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