Danny Green Didn't Party With Miami Heat, Simply Wanted To Show LeBron James Some Love

By Devin O'Barr
LeBron James and Danny Green spar

While the reports that Danny Green partied with LeBron James after the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Finals were funny, it’s clear that the San Antonio Spurs‘ sharpshooter simply congratulated LBJ and didn’t party it up with No. 6’s gang.

Any fan base would be crushed after losing such a high-octane Game 7, so when the Spurs’ faithful heard about Green’s “post-game activities,” no one in the Lone Star State was very happy. The good news for Green supporters is that although the Spurs’ guard was at the same club as a few members of the Heat, Green didn’t party with the opposition as was first reported. Instead, Green and James conversed at the Miami hot spot where they simply exchanged congratulations and kudos — Green would have “not five, not six, not seven” drinks later that night, however.

In a social-media crazed world, the fact that Green and LeBron met was even publicized is rather disgusting — two former teammates should be able to give one another some love after such a heated series. At age 26, Green had every right to enjoy himself and shouldn’t be confined to his room simply because the Spurs couldn’t finish the job.

Going back to 2009-10 when LeBron and Green were teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers, no one would have thought that these two would be competing for an NBA Finals MVP Award just three years later. Hopefully, we can see these two spar for years to come — don’t make Green out to be some non-competitive bum, because he had a historic Finals in 2013 and just wanted to show James some love after the game.

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