Doc Rivers Gets His Wish By Reaching Agreement To Coach Los Angeles Clippers

By John Raffel
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The on-again, off-again drama of Doc Rivers becoming coach of the Los Angeles Clippers is on again.

It appears it’s on again for good. The Clippers will be huge winners as a result. is reporting that Rivers has reached agreement with the Boston Celtics to be released from this current contract and joining the Clippers for an unprotected 2013 first-round draft pick. But the deal has not yet been announced.

The news is a stunning reversal from a few days ago when it was thought the deal was all but dead. is further reporting that the original stipulation of Kevin Garnett coming to LA will not take place. He’ll stay in Boston.

USA Today added that the reason the deal is back in place is because of the removal of having a player involved in a trade, an aspect that concerned NBA officials as a violation of the league’s collective bargaining agreement. The report added that Rivers could be paid $21 million for three years, the same as on his existing Celtics contract.

Chris Paul, according to the reports, will stay in LA rather than take his free agent status some place else. That’s also good news for the Clippers. Paul realizes that hiring River means the Clippers are serious about winning an NBA title.

Face it, Rivers wants out of Boston and thinks the best place where he can win an NBA title is with the Clippers. Along with Paul, the Clippers are in a position to go after some additional elite players and build an NBA winner. Rivers is the perfect coach for them to take the pieces that are put together and produce an NBA champion.

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