Houston Rockets Rumors: Would Any Team Consider Giving Away First Round Pick For Thomas Robinson?

By Paul Seaver
Troy Taormina-USA Today Sports

The Houston Rockets are attempting to move Thomas Robinson this off-season. In fact, they want to make a move soon, especially with free agency looming in less than a week.

Well, late last week ESPN‘s Marc Stein tweeted the Rockets were hoping to acquire a first round selection in exchange for Robinson. The high-flying power forward has bounced around since being selected with the 5th overall pick a year ago and if the Rockets can successfully move him, his new team will be his third within a year.

There are a few reasons as to why the Rockets want to move Robinson and land a first round pick in return. For starters, they want as much cap space as possible to make a run at some big names free agents — the leading candidate in that discussion is Dwight Howard, of course. In addition to moving Robinson and acquiring a first round pick, the Rockets are looking at a few international prospects to stash overseas.

So long story short, will anyone take the bid on Robinson? Well, it’s a possibility. I mean, why not? A top five selection a year ago certainly has value despite bouncing around a bit in his first year in the league. Someone in the mid-to-late first round could certainly see Robinson as a higher value than another power forward or big in that position. It’s that simple.

The list of international mentions from Stein last week pretty much covered all of those that have first round potential, so you know that they’re not being picky with the return on Robinson, if this is an option.


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