Sacramento Kings Need To Resolve Matters With DeMarcus Cousins

By John Raffel
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings need to know where they stand with DeMarcus Cousins before making their final determination on their No. 7 pick in the NBA draft this week.

Cousins is obviously the best player on the team, but has been making rumblings of wanting a new contract and wanting to be traded. It could not have come at a worse time.

This can all be just a show and Cousins could be blowing smoke. It’s been done before, but Cousins, being such a volatile player, can’t be taken lightly. The Kings have to either make a solid commitment to Cousins right now, or write him off and make the best possible choice they can in the draft.

Frankly, letting Cousins go under any circumstance would not be a good idea. The Kings have secured new ownership and a new coach, and securing a future with Cousins should be on top of the list. If he’s gone from the lineup, the Kings are not as good as they were last year unless they get equal value in return.

The hope was that a new owner and new coach would placate Cousins. Obviously that hasn’t been the case, but the Kings can still do something about it by accommodating Cousins to the farthest extent possible when it comes to renegotiating his contract. He deserves to be paid what he’s worth regardless of his temper tantrums on or off the court.

If not, it’s not going to be easy to make the Kings a better team without Cousins.

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