2013 NBA Draft: Anthony Bennett Could Wind Up With Detroit Pistons

By John Raffel
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming out of Detroit that UNLV’s Anthony Bennett could be available when they have the number-eight pick in the NBA draft.

If that’s the case, the Detroit Pistons won’t have to debate too long on who their choice will be.

The Pistons would love to have Bennett and wouldn’t mind if he becomes available. It may be a long shot, but the way other players are moving up, Bennett might still be on the board when the Pistons have to select.

If Trey Burke is still available, however, the Pistons might be in a dilemma. Burke, a Michigan favorite, is at a guard position where Detroit might have more of a need, depending on how it handles its current roster. Bennett is a power forward where the Pistons have some talent right now.

But adding a player of Bennett’s caliber might be too much for the Pistons to ignore. It would seem almost impossible that if Bennett’s name is on the board by the No. 8 pick, that Burke’s would be also.

Obviously, Michigan fans will forgive the Pistons if Burke has already been taken.

Bennett’s 6-8 size concerns some NBA scouts. But there’s plenty of other plusses that Bennett brings to the table.

He’s expected to be a capable scorer at the NBA level. Bennett is considered to be an excellent rebounder, has good hands and can shoot inside and outside against just about any opponent.

Bennett’s surgery for his torn rotator cuff on his left shoulder in early May will leave him out of workouts for a few more months but it’s not likely to affect his top 10 draft stats. He may not go top five, but perhaps six to 10. The Pistons at number eight could have the chance to call his name.

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