2013 NBA Draft: Could Atlanta Hawks Package First Round Picks and Target Shabazz Muhammad?

By Paul Seaver
Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports

The rumors are swirling surrounding Thursday night’s NBA Draft and the Atlanta Hawks are throwing their own logs into the fire with a potential move that is being reported by Yahoo! Sports.

Marc J. Spears reported on Monday night that the Hawks are putting their two first round selections on the line and are looking to move into the top five. Why? Well, their target could very well be UCLA freshman small forward Shabazz Muhammad. Spears credits sources that said that the Hawks are very impressed with what Muhammad could bring to their organization.

While this is all speculation, it’s not that farfetched if Atlanta can find a team within the top five to bite. Spears also says in his reports that Atlanta has had talks with at least one team within the top five and any time in that range that is not satisfied with the projections could very well opt to move down and acquire an extra first round pick in the process. That’s what makes this rumor so intriguing.

The Hawks are virtually in “rebuilding” mode unless they can find a way to land some of the top free agents in this summer’s class — most notably, Dwight Howard. However, the options for Howard are aplenty and surely the Hawks have a back-up plan, considering the organization is entering this July with the possibility of losing seven unrestricted free agents. Atlanta does have the cap space however, to sign two free agents to max contracts.

The Hawks currently own both the 17th and 18th pick on Thursday night, but keep an eye on Atlanta as draft night nears.


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