2013 NBA Draft: Otto Porter Jr. is the Safest Selection of the Top Five

By Paul Seaver
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

The 2013 NBA Draft has drawn its fair share of criticism. It’s being widely labeled as a weak draft, especially in comparison to the expected group of prospects that will be on the board in 2014.

Well, whether or not that criticism is deserved or whether or not if it even matters — the uncertainty near the top of the draft board does speak for itself. At this point, nobody is really sure how the picks will take shape or if any of the top five teams will opt to move down on Thursday night.

Well, if a team within the top five is looking and hoping for a safe selection — look no further than Otto Porter Jr.

At 6-foot-8, Porter Jr. has the length and athleticism to take over at times; he showed that capability throughout this past season at Georgetown. However, the biggest reason as to why he is the safest pick is obvious — with Porter, you simply know what you’re going to get.

Porter Jr. doesn’t have the most upside in this draft and he doesn’t have the most potential, but you know he brings a flare and a solidarity about him that will make him a strong contributor in the NBA for a number of years.

Now, how about his comparisons to some of the other top projections. Well, we know that Nerlens Noel is fresh off a torn ACL and that albeit Alex Len is on the rise, it’s tough to call him anything other than a project potential. Victor Oladipo is the crown jewel in the eyes of many NBA scouts and executives, but let’s think back a year — would they have said that then? And then of course you have the question marks surrounding Ben McLemore and the raw ability of Anthony Bennett.

Every draft pick has risk. Every draft pick has potential. Some are much more than others.

With Porter Jr. however, NBA teams know what they will be adding — he’s the safest, sure thing in this year’s field.


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