2013 NBA Draft: Phoenix Suns Must Draft Best Available at Number 5

By Ryan Heckman


Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In this year’s NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns have immense pressure riding on them. With the fifth overall pick, they must find themselves someone that can contribute immediately. The question is, what route do they choose to go?

Well, if I’m a Suns fan I have a tendency to say shooting guard or small forward. They desperately need a legitimate swingman not named Michael Beasley, Shannon Brown or Wes Johnson.

There are great options in the top five for the swingman spot. Victor Oladipo, Ben McLemore and Otto Porter are all viable options that could come in right away and contribute in a positive way. Each one has their own respective reasoning for being ranked in the top five, all in which would greatly help Phoenix.

The issue here is that there’s no telling who will be available. At this point, there have been rumors that the Cleveland Cavaliers will not draft Nerlens Noel at number one. If that happens, what to the Orlando Magic do at number two when they seemed like McLemore or Oladipo were their guys to choose from?

The domino effect could ripple on down to the Suns who may find themselves in position to grab Noel. It’s a longshot, but if Alex Len goes to Cleveland like they have been rumored to do, Noel could fall to Phoenix.

I highly doubt Noel would fall to number five, but if Len and Noel go before Phoenix is on the clock, what do they do? They could have one more option at that point than they thought. On top of the swingmen, they could be looking at Anthony Bennett or Trey Burke as well.

Boy, the Suns have their work cut out for them. Bottom line, the team needs a legitimate option now. Debates have been had over just who exactly could be the most NBA-ready out of the top prospects, and nobody is coming to an agreement.

Needs aside, the Suns absolutely have to grab the best available guy. If that is Noel, take him. If it’s Len, take him. Maybe they have Oladipo or McLemore at the top of their wish list like we would hope for as a Phoenix fan. In that case, it works out well. In the end, the Suns’ goal is to get immediate help – that, above all else, is the need.

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